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Who we are!

SecondProfit founded in 2016, we are a team of passionate and fearless creatives, marketing experts, developers, and data magicians focused on delivering great products and services to hundreds of millions of technology consumers worldwide.

We develop innovative products with in-house content and third-party content from companies that trust us to unlock new markets.

We build and market our products including mobile apps, streaming video and music services, online learning products, and mobile games.

Our mission

SecondProfit is committed as a global intelligent data-driven marketing service profession to provide results-driven services included performance marketing, brand building, and industrial solutions integrating. We are dedicated to support enterprises in user growth, brand awareness, and commercial monetization fields within the world.

We seek to help others expand their businesses in a more smart way by creating a new kind of network, innovative, simple, and more human.

Our vision

SecondProfit is leading to change in the lives of people in the MENA region through technologies that facilitate every aspect of their lives.

We realize the importance of providing more than merely technical solutions but ongoing innovation and adaptation to remain a leader in the industry. With the digital industry transforming rapidly, SecondProfit constantly stays informed of the market trends and demands.

Our journey so far

2016: We were promoting CPL forex offers.
2017: We were promoting e-commerce stores in GCC countries.
2018: We were promoting software apps for Windows & MacOS.
2019: We started developing our carrier billing offers.
2020: We acquired 1.5M subscribers to our carrier billing offers from Egypt.
2021: We are scaling our availability to cover all MENA regions.


Our Great Team

Mostafa Khatab

Technical Team Leader

Ahmed Fawzy

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed Fawzy

Media Buying Team Leader