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Carrier billing

Looking for VAS, PIN-submits or Click-flow offers? We provide high quality in-house carrier billing offers based on CPA for billable and non billable conversions.

Click2SMS & Click2Call

We have built a range of very innovative Click2SMS & Click2Call offers available in a growing list of countries, Almost worldwide.

Carrier Billing

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Security Player gives its customers advice on how to protect their privacy and how to secure their devices plus it gives them top-rated antivirus apps based on their operating system, And it provides customers as well with daily news regarding all kinds of devices and anything related to the technology.

  • SecurityPlayer is live now in 1 country with 4 mobile operators.
  • SecurityPlayer has +1M subscribers.
  • SecurityPlayer accepts all kinds of traffic except incentive, bots & fraud.
  • SecurityPlayer pricing model is CPA for billable and non-billable as well.


Users get unlimited access to 70+ new games. All in one subscription.

  • KindaGames is live now in 2 countries with 4 mobile operators.
  • KindaGames has +470K subscribers.
  • KindaGames accepts all kinds of traffic except incentive, bots & fraud.
  • KindaGames pricing model is CPA for billable and non-billable as well.

Click2SMS & Click2Call

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Click2SMS & Click2Call features

All types of traffic are allowed

Our in-house offers accept pops & push notification traffic, even incentive & content locking are acceptable and welcomed.

Live in 170 countries

Our Click2SMS & Click2Call offers are working in 170 countries with just one affiliate link, no need to configure multiple url's for each county.

Different verticals available

Our in-house offers have tens of landing pages in various verticals like dating, gaming, sweepstakes, content locking, and videos streaming.

Highest conversion rates

Your traffic can be monetized multiple times not just once based on CPA or RevShare to guarantee you the best conversion rate.