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Open positions

  • Responsibilities:
    • Grow, coach hire, and lead a development team.
    • Develop, fix & improve the project.
    • Drive a continuous improvement process (Kaizen) across your team by making data-driven decisions.
    • Deep dive into technical issues, identify and resolve the real root causes.
    • Suggest and implement solutions for process improvement.
    • Outstanding knowledge of software and application design and architecture.
    • A technical mindset and analytical approach.
    • Great attention to detail.
    • Good leadership skills.

    Basic Requirements:
    • 5+ hands-on Software Developer or Architect using lamp stack (PHP - apache - MYSQL - LINUX) or mean stack (node - express - MONOGDB - angular).
    • Experience in developing and maintaining large, distributed, highly available, highly scale-able, event-driven architectures.
    • Extensive practical experience using a wide range of AWS technologies, including S3, EC2s, Lambda Functions.
    • Committed to high standards - Continuously push to improve your team’s performance.
    • Experience with writing and maintaining automated test suits and CI/CD pipelines.
    • Great at providing focused coaching and mentoring, able to separate the important from the unimportant so your coaching is clear and productive.
    • Familiar with terms like (big data - data warehouses).
    • Databases: RDS and MySQL.
    • Familiar with AWS products.

    Nice-to-have Requirements:
    • AWS Certified in one of these fields.
    • AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
    • AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty.
    • AWS Certified Database – Specialty.

    How to apply:

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  • Job description:
    Collaborate with engineers, product managers, and business analysts to understand data needs.
    Design, launch and manage database plans.
    Design, launch and manage data warehouse plans.
    Design, re-build and launch data models in production.
    Design, re-build and launch data pipelines and ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) processes in production.
    Support existing processes running in production.
    Define and manage SLA (Service Level Agreements) for all data sets in allocated areas of ownership.
    Work with data infrastructure issues and drive to resolution.
    Build data expertise and own data quality for allocated areas of ownership.

    Job Requirements:
    +5 years of experience
    Experience with database technologies:
    Relational technologies
    NoSQL databases (e.g. Key-Value, Document, Graph, Multimodel)
    Solid experience or background in (Hadoop, Kafka, Redshift (AWS))
    Solid experience and knowledge background in The Data Engineering Space:
    Database design and architecture best practices
    Data warehouse space (Data warehouse design and architecture best practices).
    Big data space
    Solid background in Software Engineering
    Background in DevOps is a plus.

    How to apply:

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  • Requirements:
    +3 years experience in software engineering and design architecture.
    +3 years experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure (AWS).
    AWS solution architect certification or relevant AWS qualifications is mandatory.
    Must be hands-on AWS services CloudWatch, EC2, DMS, RDS, Redshift, SQS, AmazonMQ, API Gateways, Lambda, etc.
    Any scripting experience is mandatory (Python / NodeJS / PHP)
    Master’s degree in computer science or software engineering preferred
    Proven experience in engineering and software architecture design.
    Sound knowledge of various operating systems and databases (Big data).
    Current understanding of best practices regarding system security measures.
    Professional experience working with and analyzing computer hardware and software.
    Experience in delivering designs under the Agile model.
    Experience of working in a team environment.
    Project management and leadership skills are essential.
    Advanced understanding of business analysis techniques and processes.

    Roles and responsibilities:
    Building and integrating information systems to meet the company’s needs.
    Assessing the systems architecture currently in place and working with technical staff to recommend solutions to improve it.
    Resolving technical problems as they arise.
    Providing supervision and guidance to development teams.
    Continually researching the current and emerging technologies and proposing changes where needed.
    Informing various stakeholders about any problems with the current technical solutions being implemented.
    Providing updates to stakeholders on product development processes, costs, and budgets.
    Analyze current technologies used within the company and determine ways to improve.
    Document and monitor requirements needed to institute proposed updates.
    Work closely with Information Technology professionals within the company to ensure the hardware is available for projects and working properly.
    Work closely with project management teams to successfully monitor the progress of initiatives.
    Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions.
    Define clear goals for all aspects of a project and manage their proper execution.

    How to apply:

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Our Management Team is guided by Seven (7) key Principles of People Management :

  • We recognize that employees are the most important asset.
  • We treat employees fairly and with respect.
  • We foster an environment of open communication and trust.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer that embraces workforce diversity.
  • We recognize and reward performances with competitive practices and policies.
  • We embrace work life balance.
  • Our employees own their career growth and development. We are merely their facilitators and coaches. There is no limit to how far they can go.